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Enderal: Forgotten Stories

Enderal: Forgotten Stories Achievements

Here is the full list of all 84 Enderal: Forgotten Stories achievements. It takes around 150-200 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Windows.

  • One Soul

    You finished Calia's companion quest and helped her cope with the entity inside her.

  • Part of Something

    You finished Jespar's companion quest and helped him find his place in Enderal's struggle.

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  • The Lion's Roar

    You sided with Maél Dal'Loran in the conflict about the Scarabeus.

  • Worth it

    You and Dijaam escaped and kept the Scarabeus for yourselves.

  • Steadfast

    You refused Dijaam's attempt to blackmail you.

  • The Price of Sin

    You approved of Tharaêl killing Qalian, even though he kept his end of the bargain.

  • The Treasures of the Destitute

    You found all hidden stashes in the orphanage.

  • He Already Paid the Price

    You disapproved of Tharaêl killing Qalian. His life is punishment enough.

  • Rememberance

    Esme trusted you enough to reach out to you after the tragedy in Old Ishmartep.

  • Näea

    You followed Yuslan to his house in the alternate reality and witnessed a conversation between his alter ego, a girl, and Näea.

  • Wings

    You flew on a Myrad's back for twenty times.

  • Bounty Hunter

    You finished all bounty quests.

  • Adventurous

    You finished 50 quests.

  • Mammon

    You accumulated 100,000 Endralean penny coins and entrusted them to Samael Silren. Are you sure about this?

  • Goldrush

    You mined 50 ore veins.

  • Reach for the Stars

    You climbed Enderal's highest mountain. Congratulations!

  • Cosmic Harmony

    You let the Master Skull harmonize your chakras. Namaste!

  • Come On, You Stupid Rod

    You found a brave warrior's frozen corpse in the Frostcliff Mountains. The damn thing just wouldn't cooperate.

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