Donut Arena Achievements

Full list of all 20 Donut Arena achievements.

  • Crybaby

    Conquer the Crybaby underwear.

  • Genius

    Conquer the Genius underwear.

  • Alien

    Conquer the Alien underwear.

  • Shameless

    Conquer the Shameless underwear.

  • Sexy

    Conquer the Sexy underwear.

  • Showman

    Conquer the Showman underwear.

  • Fairy

    Conquer the Fairy underwear.

  • Empty Belly

    Eat 1.000 donuts counting all matches.

  • Half Belly

    Eat 10.000 donuts counting all matches.

  • Full belly

    Eat 100.000 donuts counting all matches.

  • Mace Master

    Kill an armored enemy in a single hit while using the Mace.

  • Daggers Master

    Kill 2 enemies at the same time by throwing both Daggers.

  • Axe Master

    Kill all enemies in the third arena by throwing your Axe.

  • Chains Master

    Throw the Chains to interrupt an enemy carrying a Warclub that is chasing you.

  • Scimitar Master

    Kill an enemy carrying a shield by throwing your Scimitar.

  • Hammer Master

    Strike a chained enemy while using the Hammer.

  • Darts Master

    Regenerate the Darts by using the Iron donut effect.

  • Machetes Master

    Use the Magic donut effect to transform a single Machete into another legendary weapon.

  • Smasher Master

    Hit 3 enemies by throwing a single body while using the Smasher.

  • Sickle Master

    Kill an enemy by ricocheting your Sickle off the wall.