Catan Universe Achievements

Here is the full list of all 21 Catan Universe achievements.

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  • Old salt

    Win 5 games with the Seafarers expansion.

  • Explorer

    Uncover 10 fog tiles in a game of Seafarer.

  • Pirate

    Move the pirate 5 times in a game of Seafarer.

  • Squire

    Win 5 games with the Cities&Knights expansion.

  • Architect

    Build 3 city walls in a game of Cities&Knights.

  • Panderer

    Play the progress card 'Wedding' 10 times in your games.

  • Welcome at court

    Finish the introductory game of 'The Duel'.

  • Road builder

    Build a road that is compromised of at least 12 sections (including ships).

  • Villager

    Win a game without building a city.

  • First steps

    Finish the tutorial of the base game.

  • Empire

    Colonize all islands in the Seafarer scenario "The four islands".

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