Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Reviews

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    Overall, Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons is a decent title, well worth at least one playthrough. The game is excruciatingly linear and there is little to no benefit, nor many opportunities, as far as exploration goes. This aspect, along with the simple puzzles and platforming lets the game be completed within three to four hours; my playthrough while obtaining all achievements clocked in at 3.6 hours.

    The story is full of emotion and the characters can pull you in with their interactions with each other and the way they help one another, however given the length of the game the attachment felt to the brothers is only fleeting and any events that occur aren't deeply impacting. For the asking price of $14.99 USD it would be recommended to wait until the game goes on sale due to the short nature of the content; I believe I picked up my copy for $5.00 or $7.00 USD.
  • FuzzyCurtainFuzzyCurtain30,197
    07 Apr 2019
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    Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons is a very linear, story-based game. it follows the journey of two young brothers on a quest to save their father. With little to no intro to the game, you're thrown right into it with just the briefest of tutorials.

    Your father has fallen ill to an unknown virus, and the only thing that can save him is water from an ancient tree (a slight cliche but I can overlook it). The doctor who is taking care of your father sends you away to find the water, and there your journey begins.

    You must journey through woods, mines, castles, battlefields, and icy waters. This quest takes you through all of these different environments but at the same time makes it all flow seamlessly and beautifully. The animation and artwork in this game make it by far one of my favorite games to date. With a cutesy (but just realistic enough) design style, this game comes across just realistic enough to keep you immersed, even with the fantasy involved.
  • CupQuake PCCupQuake PC63,431
    05 Dec 2016
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    This game is about two brothers going on a journey to find a cure for their father's disease. They will cross a dangerous land filled with mythic creatures and battlegrounds involving giants.

    Good graphics, innovative gameplay (play the two brothers with both thumbs on a gamepad) and good (but sad) story.

    This is a pleasure to play, puzzles are easy to understand, rarely tricky. Ambience is great, it's like you're following a (dark) fairy tale in a story book. Environments are beautiful and diversified.

    A few hours are required to get most of the achievements, the remaining ones (if you didn't use a guide on your first playthrough) will require 1 more hour as there are a few optional "missions" which can then be done fast with the help of the chapter selection menu.

    It's a good game for completionists and a very enjoyable one for players.