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Bio Prototype

Bio Prototype Achievements

Here is the full list of all 39 Bio Prototype achievements.

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  • Ultimate Research

  • Ruthless

    Complete a game with Hunk(Stage 1 or above)

  • Versatility

    Complete games with 3 different Prototypes(Stage 1 or above)

  • Economist

    Complete a game with Wealth(Stage 1 or above)

  • Legendary

    Upgrade 3 different projects to maximum level in Culture Room

  • Peace

    Complete a game with Sheep(Stage 1 or above)

  • Terminator

    Link 8 Organs in a set of Brain

  • Torment

    Link a Belly and a Poison Bag to the same Brain

  • Heartquake

    Defeat a Boss while you have only 1 HP

  • Nature Law

    Complete a game with Fate (Stage 1 or above)

  • Light Speed

    Complete a game with Rhinoceros (Stage 1 or above)

  • Universe

    Complete a game with Harmony (Stage 1 or above)

  • Masterpiece

    Complete Stage 5 with 3 different Prototypes

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