Bang Bang Car achievements

Bang Bang Car

There are a maximum of 42 Bang Bang Car achievements worth 420

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Bang Bang Car Achievements


Accumulated to destroy the opponent's vehicle 500 times

Weapons experts10

Accumulated use of weapons to destroy 100 opponents of the vehicle

Road King Jack10

Accumulate the vehicle by destroying 50 opponents

Do not be arrogant10

The cumulative end of rivals Liansha 50 times

The game is too hard10

Accumulated by the opponent to destroy the vehicle 50 times

The world is full of traps10

Cumulative scene died 20 times

In pairs10

Accumulated to obtain 10 times the title of double

hat trick10

Accumulate 10 times to kill the title

Big four hi10

Accumulate 10 times to kill the title

Fifty five open10

Accumulated 10 times to kill the title

Burning the little universe10

Accumulated fire full of 50 times

Flash off10

Accumulate the use of blue lightning to play 10 times

Ripple messenger10

Accumulate the use of Sasser to play 10 times

The gaze in the shadow10

Accumulate the use of ghosts to play 10 times


Accumulate the use of Hornets for 10 times

I'm not a big fat man10

Accumulate the use of road racing for 10 times

The earth hides you10

Accumulate the use of cross-country players to play 10 times

I am a legend10

Accumulated in the free game won the championship 10 times

Uncrowned king10

Accumulated in the free game won the runner-up 10 times


Accumulated in the free game to get third place 10 times

Safe area10

Accumulated successful escort vehicle arrives 10 times

Black delta10

Accumulated successfully intercepted the vehicle to reach the finish 10 times

Live only in the future10

Accumulated through the props to restore blood 50000 points


Destroy the opponent's vehicle 50 times in a single game

Fast gunman10

Single-game use of weapons to destroy 20 opponents of the vehicle


A single game of vehicles that destroyed 10 opponents by collision

the Avengers10

Single game rivals even kill 10 times

Do not target me10

A single game was destroyed by opponents 10 times

What the ghosts10

Single scene in the scene died 5 times


Single game in the fire full 5 times

Scoring king10

Scored 1000 points in a single game


Single game through the props to restore blood 2000 points

10 level10

Reach level 10

20 level10

Reach level 20

30 level10

Reach level 30

40 level10

Reach level 40

50 level10

Reach level 50

60 level10

Reach level 60

70 level10

Reach level 70

80 level10

Reach level 80

90 level10

Reach level 90

100 level10

Reach level 100