Arcade Game Series: Ms. PAC-MAN Walkthrough

3. Rounds 1-17

There are quite a few progress-based achievements in this title that are given to you for eating certain fruits and just getting through certain waves. For the sake of achievements, you'll only have to get to the end of Round 17 before you can stop. Once again, make sure that Round Select is on in the game's settings to make this a lot easier. Since this isn't exactly Dig Dug or Galaga, there isn't a whole lot to say for these levels, but the design does change every once in a while, so pictures of these designs are included as a heads-up. The game's rounds are also divided into "acts" of a story, which you'll be able to see little snippets of after every couple or rounds or so.

Act 1: They Meet

Act 1

For each round, there's a specific type of fruit that appears after you eat a certain number of pellets. Round 1 starts you off with a Cherry. There are two of these available at their own pellet milestones, so you've got two chances to munch on one. If you die with a fruit on screen, it's gone from the round for good, so you'll have to replay a round later if you didn't get the chance to eat a fruit tied to a specific achievement. Round 2 has the Strawberry, which also rewards an achievement upon eating it. You'll also get an achievement just for beating Round 2, which isn't really much to be proud of.

Act 2: The Chase

Act 2

The map's going to look a bit different now, and it's colored blue instead of pink, which you can see above. Round 3 contains the Orange, whereas Round 4 has a Pretzel floating around. That's not a fruit, obviously, but every other food item is. Round 5 has a plain and simple Apple, objectively the best fruit ever, and will give you another achievement just for beating it. By now, you should've noticed that the ghosts are a lot more agile and far more resilient to Super Pellet power-ups than before. Don't worry about losing all your lives; you can just quit to the main menu and re-select any round you've at least seen, and you'll have all five lives back.

Act 3: Junior

Act 3

The third act's map has a nice fall color palette going on, and there are even more small twists and turns to clean up. Round 6 features the Pear, followed by the Banana in Round 7. That'll be the last specific fruit you have to eat for an achievement; good thing too, because now the fruits that spawn from each level starting from Round 8 will be purely random from the selection you've already seen. Now you can just focus on beating the levels. You'll get another achievement for finishing Act 3.

Act 4

Act 4

Things from here on out are going to be noticeably tougher. You might even have to reset your lives every time you finish around now. On the bright side, you're just about halfway there. There are only three different cutscenes in the same, so you'll be seeing the third one at the end of each act from now on.

Act 5

Act 5

You're almost done with the game now. These last few levels are pretty brutal. Don't feel bad about resetting your lives; you'll really need them to get through each of these remaining rounds. Once you make it to Round 17, you'll be able to take things down a notch with the game's few miscellaneous achievements. By Round 16, I actually lost all five of my lives and had to retry from the beginning of the round without intentionally doing so. As for Round 17, the Super Pellets won't have any visible effect on the ghosts at all.

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