Ancient Space

Ancient Space

Ancient Space

Ancient Space Achievements

Here is the full list of all 30 Ancient Space achievements.

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  • The Maw of the Zone

    Assemble the fleet for the expedition. Complete Mission 1.

  • Deep Venture

    Venture deeper into the Zone. Complete Mission 5.

  • The Awful Truth

    Find out what happened to the previous expedition. Complete Mission 10.

  • Pirate Takeover

    Board a secured station.

  • Constructor

    Build each of the available building types.

  • By the way

    Perform an optional objective.

  • Savior of the Federation

    Complete the campaign in under 8 hours of total mission time.

  • The Conqueror

    Secure all stations in a single mission.

  • Do it yourself

    In Mission 7, complete the optional objective without ever picking up the target object.

  • There Is No Time!

    In mission 10, do not reinforce any building slots (you can board them though).

  • Safe from Harm

    In mission 1, at least two of your assigned cargo ships must survive until they reach Sector 2.

  • Ghost Busters

    Do not lose any units to invisible attackers in Mission 6.

  • Jolly Roger

    Reach the Katarina with Corsairs in under 8 minutes in Mission 7.

  • Alien Guerrilla

    Destroy FTL blockades without losing more than 4 alien units in Mission 14.

  • The Hive

    Complete Mission 15 producing only small units.

  • At All Costs

    Complete Mission 11 with the forcefield generator losing no more than 25% of its hit points.

  • Release the Kraken!

    Board a Kraken in Mission 12.

  • Blitzkrieg

    In mission 13, capture 3 units, destroy 3 enemy units and destroy 3 enemy buildings - all within 5 minutes.

  • Tamer of Titans

    Board at least 5 XL enemy units in Mission 13.

  • Explorer

    Find all Discoveries in a single mission from 2 to 15.

  • Harr Harr Harr!

    Complete a mission deploying only a single corsair and no other units.

  • An Englishman's Home is His Castle

    Construct a self-defending, self-repairing, self-protecting, enemy-detecting and enemy-attacking group of buildings.

  • Get Your Hands Dirty

    Destroy at least 30 units in a single mission using the Olympus.

  • No Quarter

    Complete the campaign in Hardcore Mode.

  • All Hands on Deck

    Use the ability of every officer at least once during a single campaign.

  • Tower Warfare

    Destroy an enemy Station with another building.

  • War Machine

    Have at least 7 XL units in a single mission.

  • Optimus Prime

    Command at least one Mk.2 unit of each unit type.