3. A Normal Lost Phone Story walkthrough

Here we are, at the story walkthrough and the spoiler warning is here:

This walkthrough reveals all solutions to the puzzles in the game and contains spoilers about the games true ending, which you may want to obtain without use of a walkthrough. If you are stuck at any point, reference this walkthrough, but beware of spoilers.

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Thank you. You can actually pick up a missable achievement and the first ending immediately. When you first open the game, you have to press any button to start. You will see a home screen of the phone you are going through and towards the middle of the screen is a 'Settings'. Upon opening this up you will be presented with the option to 'Erase all data'. Do this before progressing at all to obtain:

  • Reset

    Erase the phone's data without uncovering its secrets.


Now play the game again, but this time we are actually going to be going for the story achievements as well as the other misc achievements. The aim of this game is to go through the phone to find clues as to who the owner was. The first place to do this is messages and there is another missable achievement you can pick up really quickly. Go to the text messages with Sam's father and locate the button on the right that is an arrow. This jumps you instantly to the top/bottom of the conversation. Use this shortcut 10 times to obtain:

  • Faster

    Use the shortcut to go to the top or the bottom of a conversation 10 times.


Now, we need internet access. The clue to Melren's WiFi password is in the text messages. Not able to find anything? Well, Sam reveals that Melren's WiFi password is actually in the weather app, the zip code shown at the top of your screen when you enter the weather app. Enter the code shown, which is always the same. You will gain access to Sam's emails and unlock:

Now we can send the email draft. Head to the Alice chain of emails and to the bottom of the page and send the draft to get:

Its time to find a photo. In the email app, both Alice and Melissa have photos to download. Click the attachment to unlock:

Next is music. Go to the email app. Then Fiore Vitolo emails. There's a bunch of mp3's in here so click one to get:

  • DJ

    Download a music attachment from the E-mail app.


The next objective is to find the Sam-Thing Lovbirds password. It is revealed in the emails that Sam attaches a lot of importance to dates of events in his life. Think of a date many people use as a code - its their birthdays, right? Well that's correct, Sam's lovbirds password is the date of his birthday. You can go look for the exact date yourself if you want, but I'll reveal now the code is 0131, for the 31st of January. You will unlock:

  • <3

    Unlock Sam-thing's profile on Lovbirds.


But wait! There is another account on the device for Lovbirds, Sam-Thing else. The next objective is to find the password for this other account. Sam talks about a 'book club' and the answer is the date of this - again, Sam attaches a lot of importance to dates. 1219.

Within Sam-Thing else, a conversation with Phil_free links to a forum, where you can enter every thread to unlock:

Next step is to get into the VIP forum thing. If you enter the wrong password three times, you will get an email with a code you need to enter. The answer to the secret question you need to answer is 1961.

In the VIP forum, find the photo of "Samantha" and click it. You will obtain:

Within the calculator, type 85922= then scroll to the bottom of the diary.

Go back to the main screen and open the new email. Erase the phone's data to finish the game and find "The Truth"

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