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    Posted on 02 July 22 at 11:23
    Please use this thread to discuss the The Forgotten City walkthrough.
  • Posted on 02 July 22 at 22:06, Edited on 03 July 22 at 18:08 by Apostle92627
    Hey guys, I'm porting my walkthrough over from True Achievements, but I'm having major problems getting the achievements. Like I've done photo mode, no tour, no loops, and the 1st ending achievement, yet none of the related achievements are unlocking. I may have to port the walkthrough without having any of the achievements on my profile, but I'm doing my best.

    UPDATE: Okay, I think it was a corrupted file issue. I uninstalled/reinstalled the game, then noticed my saves weren't syncing to the cloud, so I researched that. Here are the steps you can take if you're having this issue:

    1: Open Steam and click on your Library.
    2: Right click the game and select Properties...
    3: Select Local Files.
    4: Select Verify integrity of game files...

    The problem has since been resolved.
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