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Completion Percentage Milestone Didn't Trigger

Titanium Dragon
Posted on 17 April 16 at 09:19
I received a milestone for reaching 43% and 44% of achievements being completed, but I did not receive one for 45% achievements completed. I assumed, from the previous milestones, that one triggers for every percentage point completed overall, but it didn't end up triggering at 45% (I'm now above 45% - 45.28% according to TSA).
Posted on 17 April 16 at 18:22
Have you already earned that milestone before? Last I knew, each milestone only could be earned once. You can go to your milestone page and force a check as well.
Titanium Dragon
Posted on 17 April 16 at 21:59
Doing a force check did the trick. Thank you!
Information Posted on 18 April 16 at 07:08
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