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Incorrect achievement icons being displayed.

WebChimp UKFixed
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Posted on 14 April 16 at 09:34
Hello, once again i must report incorrect black and white icons showing instead ot full colored ones.

Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition Achievements
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Posted on 14 April 16 at 17:21
I know on TA we had a script that would yank the colored tiles and secret achievements directly from the game when it was scanned into the site. I'm sure it works a bit different since we're dealing with Steam rather than Xbox.
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Posted on 14 April 16 at 20:56
I added the game for a scan, don't know if it'll work.
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Posted on 23 August 16 at 13:45
Thanks, everyone. I pushed a scanner fix out for these a while back - so there hopefully shouldn't be any more issues around this. If you do spot a game that still has erroneous tiles, please let me know and I can force a full update against the title.

Thanks! toast
Posted on 23 August 16 at 13:45
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