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Duplicated Achievements/Games & Some Missing

Not a bug
Posted on 10 April 16 at 09:23
Hi Registered yesterday and there is a few weird things happening with my games list.

Two games are duplicated (DiRT Rally and Poker Night at the Inventory) and are showing twice in the My Games list, they are also counting those games unlocked achievements twice.

When i select either of these games and show "All achievements" each achievement is listed 16 times. If i look at any of the other games listed under My Games these achievements are only listed once.

However, all of the other games in my list have the correct number of achievements i have unlocked listed on the main screen, if i then select one (Project Cars for example) the All achievements screen correctly shows playing time and achievements won but the list (or filter) says i have not unlocked any achievements.

I've run several scans over the last 24 hours but still seems to be a problem.

Any ideas?
Posted on 10 April 16 at 09:31
Post here Post here to request a Full ReScan
Posted on 10 April 16 at 11:46
Cool thanks, re-posted requesting full ReScan
Information Posted on 10 April 16 at 16:45
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Posted on 19 April 16 at 02:23
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