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Using batch files to start a game over and over

Posted on 02 April 16 at 03:10
For instance:

Universe SandboxStartup Too ManyThe Startup Too Many achievement in Universe Sandbox worth 35 pointsStart Universe Sandbox 10^4 = 10000 times

Requires you to start the game 10,000 times

Can I script achievements like this? Is that allowed?

The Steam way of doing things is not like TA on xbox is; I have far more tools at my disposal on PC than I do on a console, and if it assists me on taking out some of the grind on certain achievements, or makes them possible, I am for using them.
Posted on 08 April 16 at 08:56
Honestly, I would subjectively view this as cheating.

With that said, and remaining objective here, there is no way that anyone could prove the method was used so it is completely up to your own conscience more than anything else.
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