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Editing system time to unlock time played-based achievements

Posted on 02 April 16 at 03:08
So for instance:
The Stanley ParableGo outsideThe Go outside achievement in The Stanley Parable worth 19 pointsDon't play The Stanley Parable for five years.

requires you to not play for five years

Universe SandboxOne YearThe One Year achievement in Universe Sandbox worth 43 pointsRule over your universe for 12 months

Requires you to play the game for an entire year.

Given that I can just change my system time, and unlock these, is that considered acceptable by the purposes of this site?

Otherwise, these are excessive.
Posted on 05 April 16 at 14:34
Under the cheater policy, it states that what you described is not considered cheating. I'll be disappointed in you though.

Cheat Policy
Posted on 08 April 16 at 08:53
As mentioned by Uzzbuzz, this is not something we currently consider to be cheating.
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