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Gfwl Import tool & SAM

Posted on 21 February 16 at 02:48, Edited on 21 February 16 at 03:06 by macaroniCheese1
Hello I've been curious about this question for awhile now. I was wondering if you guys can distinguish cheating with the usage of sam vs using the gfwl import tool that some gfwl games have, one game that comes to mind is Resident evil 5. When it was getting it's Steamworks treatment to remove gfwl they made a save data tool within the game to transfer your save & achievements to the steam version. If you have happen to unlock all achievements on the gfwl version, when you use the gfwl import tool it will auto unlock all the achievements to your steam profile but giving all of them a timestamp of the same date you imported the achievements. If you use sam you can give yourself all the achievements in it will also give all the achievements the same date. how can these two be distinguished?

Alot of factors to think about in this situation:

1.) Some gfwl games didn't have their console DLC until the steamworks update (Resident evil 5 Gold edition) in so only the gfwl import tool can be used to unlock the base achievements not the dlc achievements

2.) Same as above but some games had their dlc in the gfwl version but the dlc achievements weren't implemented in gfwl version (Red Faction Guerrilla) only the base game achievements could be unlocked through import tool

3.) Some gfwl games didn't fully support achievement transferring through the tool but only supported save file transferring (Dead Rising 2 & Off the record) with that some achievements may have unlocked but not all them

Here are my how can you distinguish questions:

1.) Let's say for example Re5, if someone uses Sam to unlock the base game achievements only but not the dlc how can you tell it apart from the gfwl import tool? would you have to check their gfwl profile? but not everyone has the same name as their steam account

2.) Some achievements may unlock in dead rising 2, whatever achievements may unlock are a unanswered question. if someone unlocks achievements randomly with sam how can you tell it apart from the achievements that may unlock randomly with the import tool?

3.) Let's say someone is testing out the Steamworks version of Re5 in happens to complete chapter 1 in unlocks the chapter 1 achievement, you then go back in play the gfwl version for awhile then decide to import the achievements to steam but now all achievements except that one achievement has the same timestamps. how can you tell them apart that if it was from sam or importing the achievements later on?

4.) Some players may have all the base game achievements but very little playtime for the game on their steam account. with the very little playtime how can you verify the achievements legitimacy if it was from Sam or the import tool?

I guess it just varies by game. I would like to know your guys thoughts on this cause this has been puzzling my mind for the longest
Posted on 05 March 16 at 14:06
If people are dumb enough to use SAM they'll probably end up using it for more than just GFWL games.
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