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  • StormieStormie37,292
    Posted on 19 November 19 at 01:38Permalink
    Hi Guys,

    It appears I may have lost my 560 day achievement streak.

    Yesterday I gained 2 achievements (Conan Unconquered: 'I claim this Land (Stage2)' and 'Steady Aim (Stage 2)'
    Conan UnconqueredI Claim This Land (Stage 2)The I Claim This Land (Stage 2) achievement in Conan Unconquered worth 31 pointsBuild 200 Battle Standards across multiple matches

    Conan UnconqueredSteady Aim (Stage 2)The Steady Aim (Stage 2) achievement in Conan Unconquered worth 36 pointsBuild 50 Archers across multiple matches

    In steam they are showing unlocked dates/times etc.

    I have scanned multiple times (pro scanner)

    I guess what I'm asking, is it at all likely that this is a 'bug' of some kind, either in TSA or Steam? If so I will continue my achievement streak in the hopes it is resolved. If not I guess there's less stress to achieve every day, because I don't think I can face starting again.
  • StormieStormie37,292
  • StormieStormie37,292
    Posted on 19 November 19 at 02:50, Edited on 19 November 19 at 02:51 by StormiePermalink
    Please disregard. They came through on the latest non-manually request scan

    edit: Oh, you updated the game achievements, was that what was causing the issues?
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