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Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Dedicated Ranker achievement

  • dudlajz1dudlajz128,137
    Posted on 30 June 19 at 10:25Permalink
    The achievement requires to win ranked Deathmatch on these 5 maps:

    1001 Fights (Picture of a castle with purple sky)
    End of the line. (Picture of a train in a desert)
    Hard Days nights.(Picture of metal buildings with blue-red flags)
    Towering infernal. ( Picture of a building site with sheep)
    Thranno Saw us. (Picture of a dinosaur)

    Since ranked maps are random, there are 2 options to find the required 5 maps faster. If you don't get any of them cca 3-5 times in a row:

    1) Go back to the main menu and then return to Ranked Match.

    2) Create Own Match, choose one of the required maps and return to Ranked Match.

    Both methods shuffle the pack of maps. Repeat every 3-5 maps until you find the required one. Previously I couldn't find the last map for more than 3 hours and stopped trying but with these methods I've found all of them in 30 minutes.

    You'll also get Feel The Power of The Darkside and Alexander The Worm this way. Since there aren't many people playing Ranked, it's easy to play with your friend to get these achievements. You MUSTN'T WIN VIA OTHER TEAM'S SURRENDER.
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