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Co-op Gaming Session for Portal 2

  • Posted on 20 April 19 at 15:36Permalink
    TheDude722 has created a new gaming session for the game Portal 2.

    TheDude722 said:
    Going for some/most of the achievements listed. Can be done over a few sessions. Date/time negotiable also. I prefer weekends for longer sessions.

    Main goal is the easier stuff. Still Alive will be the last thing I go for.

    I've gone through co-op once on PC and twice on Xbox 360. Just need to mop up the optional achievements on PC.
    You can view the session details here:

    Co-op Gaming Session for Portal 2
  • Posted on 16 May 19 at 09:13Permalink
    MustPlayMike has joined the session
  • Posted on 16 May 19 at 09:16Permalink
    It'll be fun! Sent you a friend invite on steam. Hope you don't mind if i stream it!
  • Posted on 18 May 19 at 09:19Permalink
    Apologies, gotta cancel. Won't make the time. PM me if you would like to go another time!
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