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Missing achievements/games from my profile

Posted on 02 February 16 at 01:34
This seemed like the best place to put this query as there is already a thread in the bugs section. (Not all games added)

I am missing games (with achievements) from my profile, I should have about 4962 (I say about because of free weekends and the like), 200 less that what has been scanned , I've seen a work around posted where you reopen for a moment the games that are missing, which did for the ones relevant to my current streak as it was easy to work out which ones were missing but seems like such an arduous task for the others. Is there an easier way, any new scan still cannot find them, but i have seen users/admins throw round the term "full scan" is this different? Is this something I can initiate? or do I have to request it to be done manually?

Posted on 02 February 16 at 02:55
This is not the best place for this query. After viewing the same board on trueachievements, it seems to be for account bannings/ unbannings, appeals and the like. Could I get it moved to a more suited board?
Posted on 02 February 16 at 11:39
Hi there,

While you are correct that this sub forum is primarily used to ask about investigations related issues, I have gone ahead and submitted you for a full rescan. Hopefully this will pick up the missing achievements, but please let me know if it does not and I'll escalate things further.


TSA Investigations Manager
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