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Remove Or Hide Games On TSA

Posted on 02 June 18 at 02:00, Edited on 02 June 18 at 02:03 by Fool
I recently purchased two achievement spam games. After playing them so I could do a cool achievement showcase by unlocking achievements that were all alphabets and symbols, I decided that I was forfeiting achievement accuracy for a mediocre fad. The problem was I already had time played and achievements earned. So I did what any logical, embarrassed, desperate hunter would do, I downloaded SAM. When I used it, I followed all the tips to not get banned, as I wasn't trying to boost anything. All I wanted to do was "re-lock" the achievements so they wouldn't display on my profile and skew my stats. Well, karma must have come full circle because my dumb self clicked Unlock All only for me to realize my mistake when ~300 achievements popped up on my Steam app. I panicked a little and quickly hit the LOCK ALL button. Well, TSA must have scanned my account and I was so sad because not 5 minutes after the whole scenario, I get an email "congratulating me on my completion." I have never felt more dirty, cheap, and disappointed with myself.

So my question is: Is there a way to remove, hide, delete, or anything similar to the game from my account on TSA? I'm not too worried about Steam due to the fact that I relocked them and it just looks like I sat on the main menu for 2 hours on an achievement spamming game.

If this results in me receiving a ban from TSA or worse, Steam, then I would understand. I just hope it doesn't happen but I'd definitely deserve it for even considering achievespam games. Thank you for reading my obituary and furthermore if you offer any guidance or support.

Edit: The games are Outrunner2 and Cyberhunt.
Edit2: Outrunner was the only game I unlocked/locked. I wasn't risking even a possible mistake with Cyberhunt.
Rest in peace, Nixist
Posted on 16 May 19 at 08:57
Same thing happened to me today. An acquaintance invited me to an idle community server on Team Fortress 2 and asked if I wanted some cool items. After I typed a simple command, I ended up unlocking 100 new achievements that I would have really preferred to earn.

Shortly after, I "reset" all the achievements on both the game and on Steam and deleted the ill-gotten items. But the achievements still showed up on TSA.

I, too, would like to know how to delete those achievements from my library.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 04 June 19 at 22:27
I would like to delete some games from TSA too. Scanning doesn't work at all. Strange considering all the other tracking websites show the games totally gone...
Posted on 05 June 19 at 05:43
i dont know why i bothered with those kind of games.. Valve should do a better job and dont let them have achs in the first place
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