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Full-Rescan for all admins!

TSA Patrick
Posted on 12 April 18 at 13:43
This is just an idea, but I feel like every staff should have the ability to full-rescan accounts because I have been seeing countless people needing Rescans but I cannot provide them
Posted on 12 April 18 at 14:32
All moderators and above have this power, however I've been laying off the re-scans while the current spam game situation is discussed and resolved on the back end, as some have been messing with the scanners from the large amount of data.
Moderator and Newshound here on TSA | Walkthrough Supervisor and Site Help Editor on TA
TSA Patrick
Posted on 12 April 18 at 17:07, Edited on 12 April 18 at 17:10 by TSA Patrick
It would be nice for Newshound to do this because I spend most of my time, if not all of it, here on the forums helping others to my ability

I feel like doing Full-Rescans should be in that category aswell, it would make things easier for me to help others with faulty scanners and if they request them. It helps because if I see someone who needs one, I can quickly full-rescan them without having them wait for one
Posted on 16 April 18 at 10:24
Newshounds and admins are far different things imo.
Posted on 19 April 18 at 08:58
A newshound's job is solely to provide news for the site. While we can provide assistance to people who need it, it should not be your priority. Rescans are a moderator/admin job and should remain a moderator/admin job.
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