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Multiple entries of same game

Posted on 11 January 18 at 18:25
Not sure if bug per se. But noticing games are being logged multiple times for the same entry. For example on my profile I have Black Ops III logged 4 times and my friend Andr3wWw has PayDay 2 4 times.

Something else I noticed and I don't know if it's because he hasn't manually forced a scan for each game but it's showing him as having double the possible achievements and thus his score being higher?
Posted on 21 February 18 at 23:37
I have Layers Fear twice in my games list and 8 times in my game collection! They all have the same game ID.
Posted on 06 April 18 at 19:04
all of my games are repeated 4 times... would be a major help if you fixed this!
You So Shady
You So Shady
Posted on 09 April 18 at 03:03
I too am experiencing this.
It also applies to some achievements. They are showing 4 times or so.

And my completed games badge does not match up with the correct value
Posted on 09 April 18 at 14:08
This should be fixed now. We cleared the database of dupes and fixed the scanners so this issue shouldn't occur again. Looking at your profiles, they all seem correct now.
Zimelep 2
Zimelep 2
Posted on 04 June 18 at 12:50
Hello !

I just ask for a full rescan, and now Payday 2 is showing two times, and some achievements are showing 4 times.

Can you fixe it plz ?
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