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    Posted on 14 December 17 at 07:35
    Please use this thread to discuss the Overcooked walkthrough
  • Posted on 14 December 17 at 09:47
    Howdy, I'll be writing the Overcooked walkthrough. I expect to be done at the very latest in late January because my friend who I've played most of the game with will not be around till then. If my brother decides to play with me, I should be able to get this walkthrough done before mid-January. Here's a link that lets you see the walkthrough in its current state before it's published.

  • Posted on 16 December 17 at 08:22
    I've typed up to halfway of Chapter 3, not including the first two pages of the walkthrough. I'll be adding pictures to show the default positions of cooks in each level when there are just two cooks, since that's likely the most common amount of cooks used when playing the game. I may or may not get a lot more writing and uploading done in the next five days; I'm going to be visiting family, so I wouldn't count on too much progress happening until around December 21st.
  • Posted on 24 December 17 at 09:06
    Almost done. I'll just be finishing up the last page within the next two days and I'll send it in for review sometime real soon.
  • Posted on 27 December 17 at 07:52
    The walkthrough has been sent in for review today. All the videos are live and it should be ready for use, so feel free to use the preview link if you want to get started now.
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    Posted on 03 January 18 at 07:53
    The walkthrough has now been published.

    You can find it here: Overcooked Walkthrough
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