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Command line options

Posted on 14 January 16 at 22:45
I was curious how the rules governed command-line options, so I wanted to run this by the IM before I try it.

I'm about to start the campaigns for Doom 3 BFG Edition. Normally, Nightmare difficulty (the hardest) is locked, requiring a playthrough on any difficulty to unlock it. However, it is possible to unlock Nightmare difficulty for any campaign from the get-go by feeding the game a specific command-line argument (namely "+set g_nightmare 1", "+set g_roeNightmare 1", and "+set g_leNightmare 1").

The original Doom 3 was like this as well. Presumably, they didn't want players jumping into the hardest difficulty, spoiling an plot-related item and having a bad time getting wasted over and over. Since I've played Doom 3 several times before, I wanted to jump straight into the deep end.

The game apparently still unlocks achievements normally. All four difficulty achievements unlock in one playthrough, rather than two.
Posted on 14 January 16 at 23:25
As long as it's all done from in-game, should be fine
Posted on 15 January 16 at 07:41
Sorry, I misunderstood the question :-/
Posted on 05 February 16 at 02:07
Apologies for the delayed response, I somehow missed this thread completely.

Command line options are completely fine provided that no additional modding to game files is required to do so. As an example, it wouldn't be ok if you needed to add/delete/edit a different installed file or dll to enable the console.
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