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Achievement URLs in To-Do List are broken

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Last post: 23 Feb 16 at 10:38
Posted on 13 January 16 at 00:48
When I click on an achievement in my To Do list, I end up back at the homepage because the URLs are outdated.

For example: on my To-Do List, the CL0WND achievement in Left 4 Dead 2 currently has the following URL: "/achievement.aspx?achievementid=72844"

Yet, if I find the page myself, its URL is: "/a72844/cl0wnd-achievement"
TrueSteamAchievements Administrator3 site referrals395 posts
Last post: 16 Jan at 20:46
Posted on 20 January 16 at 11:17, Edited on 20 January 16 at 11:17 by Jack
Thanks, RedDwarf. This has now been fixed. toast
Posted on 20 January 16 at 11:18
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