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Faulty achievement calculation on Warhammer Quest?

WebChimp UKNot a bug
Posted on 31 December 15 at 23:30
On Warhammer Quest there is an achievement with only one tracked gamer having unlocked it and it has a score of 1000.00 and the TSA score has remained at 10.

However, the other achievements with only one tracker gamer having unlocked them have a much higher score - over 50.

Is this a bug or am I not understanding something?

The 'bugged' achievement is 'Battle Wizard' -
Warhammer QuestBattle WizardThe Battle Wizard achievement in Warhammer Quest worth 19 pointsHave a Grey Wizard reach Level 6.
Posted on 01 January 16 at 01:01
Ratios recalculate daily (morning GMT) and that was won by the now two gamers after that recalc.
Its that guy from the thing in the place.
Posted on 14 January 16 at 14:47
Hey zx_knight. For achievements that are yet to be won by users we actually set the ratio to 1000 in the back end, and isn't displayed if a user hasn't earned the achievement. As someone earned it the value was displayed, but as Spilner's noted, this was updated to the correct value in the site recalculations the next day.
Information Posted on 14 January 16 at 14:47
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Posted on 14 January 16 at 16:21
Thanks for the replies everyone. I spotted it had changed a couple if days later when some swine had also unlocked it. Good to know the reasoning behind how it changed. Cheers!
Posted on 14 January 16 at 16:22
No problem.
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