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Cheapest PC options?

Posted on 26 December 15 at 06:59
I had no idea where to post this, if it needs moved I apologize in advance.

Now that this site has drawn me to Steam even more than I had been in the past, I want to seriously consider getting some type of PC to run some GOOD games on. If I need to learn to build one, I will. What's some of the cheapest builds/prebuilds I can buy that can run big, HD games well? I don't need super HD thousands of dollar PCs, I won't mind running a bit lower settings or something.. but right now I can barely play anything past Evoland on my laptop..
Posted on 26 December 15 at 08:51
The best way to build/buy a PC is decide on the budget and find the deals to match. You can build an adequate PC for $200 or $10k. I run most games on an Acer VA70 which was about $950 3 years ago. It's not just about finding random parts or a prebuilt at a price though, each part has pros/cons that you need to understand a little bit about to piece together a good rig/determine if you're getting a good deal for your money.
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Posted on 26 December 15 at 14:46, Edited on 26 December 15 at 17:50 by
There really is no good place to put this thread yet, you chose the lesser of evils. At some point we should get more forums, probably also a general PC forum where this thread could go then but for now it's adapting each time we want to create a thread like this.

As for an answer to the question, since my own laptop is five years old and wasn't even a good laptop for gaming when I bought it, I'm interested in the answers you get from others (though I myself definitely won't be building, I'll be looking at the ready to go answers).
Posted on 26 December 15 at 15:43, Edited on 26 December 15 at 15:58 by JMJimmy
Building from scratch:
- make use of
- If you're budget conscious and need to cheap out on some parts, don't let it be the motherboard. I cannot recommend Republic Of Gamers series by ASUS enough (for Desktops only, ROG laptops are crap).
- GPUs are constantly evolving, I view these as buy the best value and expect to replace it or double up on it (Crossfire/SLI) in a year or two. Nvidia > AMD in most cases
- PSU buy more than you need for durability's sake but don't blow the budget
- HDD buy at the value point, Western Digital is the best for platter drives, avoid Seagate due to performance/reliability issues and avoid 3TB platter drives no matter what, they suffer from failure rates 5 times higher than other drives.
- SSDs the Intel SSD 750 Series blows the others out of the water for solid state but you can buy an entire computer for the price of a single 1.2TB drive. More realistic is the Samsung 950 Pro combined with a platter drive.

- < $750 - (This was $699... no decent alternatives I'd recommend at this point)
- $750-$1000 -
- $1000-$1250 -

Desktops - I really recommend building your own... most of the pre-builts make sacrifices that don't need to be made if you're building yourself.
Life, it's funny that way.
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