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Large Coffee
Posted on 30 October 15 at 16:51
The URL structure for the users that appear in the side bar needs to be updated, it doesn't contain "/gamer/" so when you click a user name, it reverts to the homepage
Posted on 02 November 15 at 19:34
In my case it says i neeed to have a valid steam account to use the chat.

The exact message is : Sorry, you must have a valid Steam Account to use the chat room.

I don't have any achievement yet, but the game i have played are correctly identified by the scanners...
Posted on 02 November 15 at 20:30
Ta/TT have requires achievements earned on an account to allow access so I assume its that
Its that guy from the thing in the place.
Large Coffee
Posted on 18 December 15 at 19:02
Looks like this has been fixed
Posted on 19 December 15 at 22:31
This has indeed been fixed. Thanks for helping test it, Coffee. toast
Information Posted on 19 December 15 at 22:31
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