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Company of Heroes 2 achievements

WebChimp UKFixed
Posted on 29 October 15 at 12:06
One of the games I have most achievements on is Company of Heroes 2 which I think had over 400 in total if I remember correctly.

I can't see any of these on my profile and its also not listed as one of my games. I know there were other expansions for this game that had no achievements so maybe that has something to do with it?

Sorry if this issue has already been raised.
Posted on 03 November 15 at 20:40
Other achievement tracking sites have issues with this one and other games that have an additional statistics page as well. Warhammer 40k: DoW2 - Retribution being another one, off the top of my head.

Usually the time stamp cannot be read at all or is off by several hours. Some sites found a workaround [don't ask me specifics, though], others have constant problems with such games.
Posted on 05 November 15 at 12:03
Thanks, FuriousC7. I've just pushed a scanner fix live that resolves the issue with this title (and quite a few others).

I've forced a scan an update on your account so the achievements should appear momentarily.
Information Posted on 05 November 15 at 12:11
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