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My number rank has gone down

WebChimp UKNot a bug
Posted on 29 October 15 at 11:40
Hi guys

I'm new to TSA (and TA in general) so maybe this is a normal thing as accounts are scanned, but after I've refreshed the webpage my score has decreased.

It was previously 34,396 (I think, that's from memory), it's now 32,784

I have literally just bought and added a humble bundle to my Steam account before refreshing, but that shouldn't make a difference should it?

Posted on 29 October 15 at 11:42
Ratios are recalculated daily and they can go up and down based on the amount of players with the game vs how many have unlocked an achievement. Its normal for it to vary day to day
Its that guy from the thing in the place.
Posted on 29 October 15 at 12:30
Thanks for your quick reply!

Oooooh right. I thought it was a standard points value assigned to you, and basically could only go up, just a standard score.

I think I need to investigate further, see exactly how it all works!

Thanks! :)
Information Posted on 29 October 15 at 15:30
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