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Posted on 23 October 15 at 22:39
Say hello to the other members of "American Gamers" in this thread
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Posted on 08 January 16 at 07:49
hello to the other members of "American Gamers" in this thread
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Posted on 08 January 16 at 15:18
Hello dfgarcia!
"That which causes us trials shall yield us triumph." - Albert Pike
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Posted on 09 January 16 at 07:55
Greetings fellow Americans!
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Posted on 17 September 16 at 11:38
Hi. I'm a PlayStation console gamer that has an awesome computer and recently got into getting Steam Achievements even though I've been PC gaming for the past 5 years. I will never come close to being halfway up the leaderboard. But, it's still fun being higher than the people below me! dance Especially when you consider my main platform is the evil console!! angry
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