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Winning Achievements several times

WebChimp UKFixed
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Last post: 16 Dec 15 at 20:16
Posted on 21 October 15 at 03:01
Yesterday I've unlocked 2 achievements in the game "Adventure Capitalist".

In my main profile page it shows that I had unlocked three of them - two times the "Serious Citrus!"-Achievement. In the overview and counter of all achievements everything is fine, so it seems to be more a visual problem then a technical one...


(Sorry about any mistakes, my English is not perfect)
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Posted on 21 October 15 at 10:53
Thanks, these dupes have been removed. I rescanned quite a few users yesterday to pull back timestamp information, this resulted in some duplicate achievements on friend feeds.
Posted on 21 October 15 at 10:53
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