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My Game Collection: option to mark game ownership as "game with gold"

WebChimp UKFixed
Posted on 20 October 15 at 17:05
My Game Collection

Click "edit" next to any game you own. Under "ownership", one of the options is "Games with Gold". That shouldn't be an option on Steam.
Posted on 20 October 15 at 17:30, Edited on 20 October 15 at 17:31 by Pinski
You can play a game through a "Free weekend" though and earn achievements. Maybe we should change it to that? I'm not sure those games are picked up by the scanners though.
Posted on 20 October 15 at 23:12
From my post in "Site Wishlist":

I feel this is already on the "To-Do" list for the site, but I'm putting it down just in case. I noticed a few things while in My Game Collection that I think should be changed.

1) We don't really need a "Disc or Digital" section, because this IS Steam. Kind of all digital. Even the physical discs just give you a Steam license and the game itself is digital.
2) The ownership section should probably just have 4 choices, Owned, Family Shared, Free Weekend, Refunded/No longer Family Shared.
3) There is no need for the choice of platform, since the majority of games share save data between their platforms and multiplayer is rarely system-locked. If a particular game has one of these limitations, only THEN should the system selection be available, right?
Posted on 21 October 15 at 11:48
Thanks, I've tweaked the values available in the ownership drop down to the below. I figured that Trial is probably synonymous for Free Weekend, however if you would still like a Free Weekend option that can be added.

- Owned,
- Family sharing,
- No longer have,
- Ordered,
- Trial
Posted on 22 October 15 at 16:00
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