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Scanners missed games?

Posted on 19 October 15 at 19:40
Not sure if this is an API issue or a scanner issue but a few of my games didn't get picked up on the initial scan or where picked up incorrectly

12 Labours of Hercules - This was a problem I made note of on the TA thread on TrueSteam, as I suspected games that don't record their playtime correctly don't get their achievements picked up. I actually have 18 of 22 achievements unlocked but 0 playtime recorded in this game.

Were not picked up but have both playtime and achievements unlocked:
12 Labours of Hercules II The Cretan Bull
BioShock 2

Games with play time but no achievements (at all or unlocked)
Age of Empires III Complete
Age of Empires Online
Armada 2526


Anyway you get the idea, the above is not complete. There are over 25 missing titles in all (it'll take me a while to sort out what's missing due to the F2P stuff)
Posted on 20 October 15 at 09:33
I've moved your post to an earlier thread which details other games which aren't being tracked.
Information Posted on 26 October 15 at 12:36
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