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Yet to be scanned by the scanners

FixedWebChimp UK
Posted on 19 October 15 at 17:44
Not sure what the problem is, but I am still to be scanned by the scanners. Is this an easy fix?
Posted on 19 October 15 at 18:30
Go here: Davem300490 -> Gamer dropdown -> Request Update that will put you in the queue for the scanners to scan you again. Right now there's a 4 hour delay between scans so if your last scan failed it'll be 4 hours from that time before you're re-scanned. Make sure you put your Steam profile to 'Public'
Posted on 19 October 15 at 18:41, Edited on 19 October 15 at 18:43 by Davem300490
Can't request another update at the moment, when I did it earlier it said I was 8th to be scanned, I have a few achievements on Steam so I know it's good. I'm completely baffled laugh, set to public as well, let's see what happens over the next day or three

Cancel that, I'm scanned and on the site smile
Information Posted on 20 October 15 at 12:22
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