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You Asked For It in The Evil Within

You Asked For It29

Finish the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode.

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Achievement won on 10 Mar 18
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Posted on 03 March 18 at 00:36, Edited on 10 March 18 at 03:22
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Beat the game on Akumu. This difficulty is unlocked after beating the game on Survival. I do not recommend attempting any achievements with this. This is hard enough and will have you hating life. It took me 3-4 hours to beat chapter 2 with upgrades(This is total time as I died a lot!)

Differences between this mode and the others is that there are more enemies, more obstacles, less ammo\drops and you die after 1 hit. Now this is one hit from ANYTHING! Stepping in a bear trap auto kills you.


****Try to get all keys, ammo and Green Gel will be useful
****Sneak kill whenever possible
**** Things to upgrade: Stamina, Sniper damage, Magnum Damage, Agony Crossbow, Agony Bolts Stock in general
**** Upgrade Shock and Flash bolts as much as you can, you will need it for Chapter 6.
**** Do not waste Gel on Syringes or health. You will die with 1 hit regardless.

Chapter 1
This fairly easy. One big difference is that the Sadist needs to break boxes for you in the second room when you are trying to sneak by. You can use a bottle to achieve this but he is still a pain to get by in that 2nd room afterwards.

Chapter 2
This was a pain in the butt. It was smooth sailing until the bonfire when you are trying to get to the gate to open. For this part I recommend being patient and sneak killing all the enemies. My pattern was to sneak left of the cart towards a haunted with a torch. Stay behind the wall until he heads south, then you can follow and sneak kill. Next head towards the nearby house where another torch guy is guarding. You can sneak around back the house and enter the back door. Sneak to the front door's edge and just wait for him to head south and that is your chance. Go on the path now and head back to that Haunted that was chilling by the fire. As long as you are directly behind him you should be able to sneak kill him

Head back to the house and pick up the bottle, head towards the back of the room and then throw the bottle at the wall near but not at the trap. Hide around the corner and wait for them to come in and explode. It will usually kill one but another 1 or 2 will come towards you. They should stop close to the corner but not close enough to see you around it. Once they turn around kill them. Head back out the back door and head to the side of the house on the left side of the broken wall. Wait for the haunted to come towards you and then turn around. You will need to wait until he is half way to the door to the next room before moving to kill him as he will see you.

There might be a guy or two just out on the path. Use your best judgement for them. You do have the trap in the burning house at your disposal, just be sure to drop a match if he survives. There are also 4 bear traps around. Once caught you can drop a match on them. Be aware that there should also be 2 torches around as well. Once you deal with those two, there will be a haunted behind the burning house. Just go under the trap and wait around the corner for it. Once it turns around kill it. Lastly there are 4 bodies lying on the ground. They will get up if you touch the gate wheel. You can kill 2 of them with matches while they play dead. This will wake the other 2 where is the best time to use the bear traps.

After that you can open the gate unmolested though I recommend going back to the bonfire and heading north to that house for the 2nd key on the level. Be careful. Sneak at all times as there are some hidden enemies somewhere. I never did find them before it was too late. Sneak down the right side, go behind the wall. Wait for an opportunity to get the torch bearer. There is a guy who comes in and out of the house so wait for him to head back into the house. Sneak into the house from the right side through a window. There is a trap in the hallway so be careful. Try to hide in the kitchen area if you can get over there and wait for the haunted to head back outside. Chase him and kill him, you have to be quick with him. Lastly there is the room that is boarded up. There is a haunted playing dead. I used the torch on him and grabbed the key and snuck out.

Chapter 3
This another pain in the butt. After encountering Marcelo you are put in a awful situation. If you head to the next house, two haunted charge you no matter what once you hit a certain spot and if you head back the way you came 2 haunted come up the stairs and you have nowhere to hide. I triggered the two, lured them to where I met Marcello and hid on the balcony. Once they head back I killed them. Once you leave the house and are between the house and barn follow the haunted there and kill him. Head back into the first house and you can sneak kill another enemy in the kitchen area. Just scout his position first.

Head into the barn and out the back. Drop a match on the first haunted and prepare for a 2nd to come at you. Use a torch to kill the 2nd guy or run back into the bar and hid on the other side of the door. Head back out to the end of the path. Do not go up the stairs yet, kill the haunted just sitting there with his back to you. BE AWARE there are 2 bear traps between you and him and a fake Ruvik walking down the path in front of him. Once dead head back and go up those stairs. Walk to the end and the window will break. No matter what the haunted will see you come in. Try to kill him with the switch trap. Another two will come in the house from the front. Just run out the window and wait for a chance to strike. You will likely just get one.

Head upstairs, and sneak outside where the gunman is. Kill him. At this point you can head back down to the area between the barn and that house where you killed that haunted that was just standing there. Hide behind the wall and wait for an opportunity to sneak kill fake ruvik. He will detect you if you sneak behind him while he moves. You must wait until he stops to get close. So keep some distance while you are behind him. From this point on I used my guns to kill the remaining enemies. Mostly because I got caught.

Once the way is clear check out the chain then trigger the sadist. He is faster than you and you will die if you run. What I did was run until he got close, he will try to swing at you, dodge it and then shoot him with an explosive bolt. You will only have one so make it count. The next two shots where flash bolts + sneaking. I did exploring after all enemies were dead. Rest was done via pistol and shotty. Do not forget the 4 Keys in this level.

Chapter 4
This level isn't too difficult. It is pretty straight forward. Just be sure to remember to grab the key in the patients torso before chasing after Leslie. There are 4 enemies in the first area. A haunted in a house at the far left and one behind the Doctor's house both avoidable, a haunted on the top floor of the Doctor's house and the doctor himself. I just used my shot gun to down the doctor and drop a match on him. When you are going after Leslie into the basement be sure to grab the axe on one of the picnic tables in front of the save room door. This will come in handy later. Once you trigger the invisible haunted use the axe on him. Luckily for me he charged me and I saw him just as he got in front of me and he got an axe to the kisser. Then you will be put in a new area full of blood and death. This part is difficult.

So once you get to the white door Ruvik will spawn a bunch of enemies and a fake Ruvik. Before triggering this event do some preparation. First off disarm the wire traps. Then there is a switch at blood level that will drain the blood. Another switch with release a body, press it again for a key. In the back corner there is a room, go there to the top and flip the switch. Two cans will drop. Position them how you would like. Now for the fun part. Spawn the enemies. What you will want to do is run towards that room but avoid the Fake Ruvik path. Use the cans and bombs to take out the haunted. There is also an oil spill in the fake Ruvik spawn area and a switch that shoots spikes from the roof.. Use that as well but do not touch the fire as it will kill you. If you are lucky you will have killed the fake Ruvik with one of the traps. If not try to trigger his arm attack and lob a grenade at his feet. Took 2 to kill him. After that you just need to out run Laura to the elevator.

Chapter 5
This Chapter isnt that difficult. Early on the Invisible Haunted might give you some trouble but I used my Agony bolts on them to easily dispose of them. Shock and Flash bolts are self explanatory. The explosive bolt, what I did was plant it on the ground so the haunted would trip it and die or get downed. The Harpoon works well too, IF you can hit them. There is a room you will come to with a bunch of haunted in beds and a haunted that wakes them up if seen. You might be able to sneak kill the haunted and avoid this section, if not what I did was wake them up and run back out the doors you came in and you will see an oil spill. Go on the other side, light it and wait for the haunted to cross and burn. It can be risky leaving Joseph by himself but he managed to survive for me.

The next troubling part will be the area with Kidman in the glass case. There are a lot of enemies and frankly Joseph holds you back quite a bit. Half the times I failed were because he got killed. What i ended up doing was running down at the start and throwing grenades at the haunted behind bar doors. I then used the shotgun to take out the other haunted. Dynamite guys aren't too threatening. Just keep them at a distance and stay out of range of their blasts. Luckily you will get a checkpoint half way through. At which point the only struggle is the haunted with masks. At this point either just unload on them till they die or shotgun + match combo. You have to be careful though as you are vulnerable during the animation and you can be hit by flailing haunted.

Last part you may struggle with is Laura. I can not confirm this is true but I believe once she runs out of bodies to spawn from she is done. You can burn most the bodies before triggering the fight. I did not do this. What I did was run up to the body she spawned from and dropped a match as she came out of it. Do not drop before you see her reach out with her claws, it will not light her on fire then. Rinse and repeat with all bodies except 1 in each trap area. What you want to do is use each torch near the switch for the traps. Once she burns she will spawn out of the last body in the trap area. Flip the switch and she drops into fire. Do this for the 2nd trap and she will be finished. If her life is connected to the bodies. Removing them might be the easiest way to beat her.

Chapter 6
This level is ****ing stupid. You are going to want kill yourself during this level so if you do not have the patience to spend hours on one part of a level, you should quit while you are ahead. When you get to the burning house and you have to defend vs hordes of haunted while Joseph disarms the bomb doors. You start of with a Haunted charging you immediately. Sometimes he will throw an axe at you. There were times I did within a second of loading. Do your best to kill the haunted. They will spawn 2 and then 3 and then things start to get crazy. This is where those bolts come in handy. You can use the shock bolts and Flash bolts to stun the enemy and buy yourself time. Do not try and collect green gel dropped by enemies, you will die in the process.

Now the frustrating part is that once that door is open and you start door 2. There is no checkpoint. You die and you start ALL over again. You will get a freeze bolt and 2 explosive bolts down stairs. Do yourself a favour and create more Flash bolts as they are the cheapest. You now have to survive for 90 seconds. A fully upgraded Flash bolt can buy you a lot of time and if you got some shock bolts left that will buy you additional time. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this. After this you will need to do the part with the Sniper and taking out those gunmen in the boxes. Focus on talking out the haunted and then take out the furthest gunmen box to the left. After that drops you can see a haunted rush for a switch which will release a group of haunted. Shoot him, you dont need to kill him. Just hitting him will stop him from using it. That cuts the amount of haunted down by half. Now try and focus on taking the other ones out as well as the haunted that come at you.

WARNING: Joseph is a F***ing idiot so stay away from that one room to the far right near the start. Joseph will trigger the trap EVERY time and get himself killed. He even triggers it while you disarm it........ For the guardians. I froze them in ice and unloaded on them.
Last bit will be the Wolf haunted. This is definitely a pain. Explosive bolts will knock him down. Use that to your advantage. You also need to try and hit him when he charges at you. It cannot be dodged. After you down him and then need to go back to get Joe's glasses, look near Joseph for a freeze bolt. Go back in and you can either run and get the glasses and escape or take him down for the extra Green Gel. Option is yours, tactics are the same. Sniper can be useful at a distance.

Chapter 7
A much easier chapter. Nothing too crazy. Take advantage of traps to kill those deformed haunted. Be aware that the gas meter rises faster so there is more urgency but other than that, nothing too difficult. For the Keeper: a grenade + 3-4 Shotgun shots kills him quickly. Another change is that when you need to shoot the two gears to drop the spike trap from the ceiling, There is a trap that rolls behind you. Jump into the hole until that trap stops and then jump back up.

Chapter 8
This is another easy one. Off the start you got a few enemies. Just kill them with your weapon, move to the next room kill them as well. Eventually you will hit the room with the 2nd gate that spawns those small bastards. What I did was turn the wheel a bit to get them to spawn, run towards the entrance and grenade them. With one hit kills, they are pretty dangerous, some may survive, just shoot them if there is 2-3. If more try and run over them all. Once they are gone, open the gate. From this point on try to run through the rest of the chapter. Watch out for an area that has a deformed haunted on the ground. He will grab you and kill you. I had to shoot him twice to be able to run by him. Other than that, nothing to worry about.

Chapter 9
This level is mostly straight forward. Do the same things you did on the previous difficulties. The only stupid part is the Barn. It was like Chapter 6 but more annoying because not only do you have the limited mobility against a ton of Haunted, you get killed by the fire if you get too close which is hard not to plus you have to deal with that stupid beady ruvik ahole. Guy will just disappear and reappear where you are standing and he will hill you if you are remotely close to him. He was at least 2-3 people lengths away and he still killed me. If that wasnt hard enough, your screen shakes every 10 seconds making shooting almost impossible. I used the Sniper to kill the first two guys, 2nd one is ify as you will get the screen shake as he spawns. Shotgun rest as much as you can then I used the explosive bolt to take the rest out as there are grouped together. Just hard to keep out of range.

Chapter 10
This is a difficult chapter. Things are fairly simple until you meet the Trauma enemies(Big brownish guys with metal on their arm). For me they were hard to take down. I didnt find ice bolts to be very effective but shock worked fine. The problems start when you have to fight the two. They both charged me into that 2nd room. I kept throwing Ice and shock bolts at them comboed with harpoon, explosive bolts and grenades. I managed to survive somehow. The real test came with Laura. She is faster and a lot more aggressive then before and cheap to be honest. She lunges at you and you are pretty much franked if you do. I find at the end when you have room to work with, staying closest to her is the safest because you can do circles around her easily. I do not recommend trying to kill her but it is possible. If you want to go that route, burn her as often as you can. Like the previous encounter if you can get her to spawn at a body, drop a match as soon as she comes out. After that it took all my explosive ice and shock bolts + my shotgun and most of my sniper ammo to kill her. This was also 4-6 hours since starting that section. If you do beat her, you can get a key near the elevator. Of course that isn't the end.

Now you got to face that giant monster in the parking lot. Luckily, it is much easier than Laura was. You start hidden behind a pillar. Stay there. It will expose a tentacle with an eye, shoot the eye and shoot the monster ONCE. He wont notice you if you just shoot once. He will move to the left, so move while still hiding. He will reveal the eye again and repeat what you did. After this he will initiate stage two. Which is that whole purple light thing. I noticed he always knew where I was after transforming so after I hit that 2nd eye, I just kept unloading on him. Eventually he got up and chased me, without transforming. I made my way into that small room and continued shooting him with my sniper until he finished trying to grab me the first time, the 2nd time he tries he will grab you. So I booked it out of the room once he pulled back and ran to the 2nd small room on the other side of the map and did the same thing. He died while I was in the room.

Chapter 11
This Chapter sucks almost as badly as Chapter 6. So many enemies, not enough ammo, If you have taken my advice and grabbed keys. You are set, just fill up once you are forced into the safe area because the section after that is a b*tch. Main pain in the ass is the SWAT Haunted with Machine guns. You will run into a few of these. They first appear in the area where you need to interact with a locked door to open the area with the key in a fenced area. The first one will come through the only door to the key area and the other will be near the exit door with his sniper scope on his machine gun. No lie, this guy picked me off from the other side of the map. What I had to do was quickly bounce a grenade of the wall in the 1st ones general area. Run towards him and finish him off. Deal with haunted. Then I left the room and ran straight for cover. Another group of haunted will pursue you but after that you should be fine. Then you will just need to deall with the machine gun guy and he doesnt give you much of a window.

Your next encounters will be at the spot where the hordes of haunted come out from the garage door and you can see them all in the cage room above. This parts a pain because they added Snipers. So some haunted will run for the top while you deal with the others to snipe you and there is one that appears in the background to the right. The last guy of course is a machine gun guy who hides in the garage and shoots as soon as the door opens. Again leaves you with little time to counter attack. I managed to get him with a harpoon as I wasted my ammo. Next area you have to turn on the generator. To get to this area you need to drop down but of course a sniper is prepped and ready to shoot the second you hit the ground. Your only way to live is to sprint and jump down. Kill the sniper, run the generator and a group of haunted will come after you + 2 machine guys. Fun! Next area is a giant F you to the player. I had 4 pistol bullets, a shock bolt and a harpoon , all magnum bullets available to that point

Lets just say it is impossible without using the magnum for me at that point. I had to create an explosive bolt to deal with the two haunted to the left, 2 pistol bullets for the cocktail throwers, Harpoon for axe thrower to the right, magnum for the many machine gun guys. I created another harpoon for the 3rd cocktail guy and just used my magnum on the 4th. There is an Axe guy to the top right as well, just use pistol on the explosive barrel. Only other curve ball is the mannequin factory. The first half, the Trauma enemies were replaced with the green saw blades with mannequins on them. There are 3. I found them easier to navigate than the two Trauma. Last curve ball is after getting the key, Enemies are waiting behind that gate. So you need to lure them to the back and run back to the door and up the ladder. Do not let the guys on the other side of the fence see you. I got seen and it triggered a cut scene of a haunted lighting an explosive which obviously blew up the factory due to the gas.

Chapter 12
I found this chapter a bit difficult. I had some trouble with the Spider Monster. My only tips are aim for the head. I seemed to consistently get a response within 2 shots to the head with the pistol. He has a few attacks that are easy enough to dodge once you know what to do and when they are coming. There is a one arm swipe. Simply crouch. Stay down as he will do it once with both arms. Another one he will slash with both arms at the same time. For this stay near the front of the bus. He will also do a move where he props himself up and slams his arms into the top end of the bus and drags down. To avoid this you must move into the middle section to the left between the seats. Last one he will do is move his arm into the air and try to stab you. It is easy to dodge.

Some other challenges will be the burning building. What I did figure out at the end is when all the guys spawn above the front of the bus, you can use the front of the bus as cover and just deal with the side enemies. Let Joseph and Kidman take care of the guys above you. Last one will be after Joseph gets shot. You can clear the way to the ambulance easily using the Bottles + barrels. The tough part is when you grab the mini gun. The haunted waves now include dynamite throwing haunted which can kill you easily since you are standing still.

Chapter 13
Not difficult at all. I wasnt able to sneak kill the fake Ruviks but they went down fairly easy. One Explosive bolt killed one and a shotgun shot and Sniper shot killed the other. The area with haunted with explosives on them was changed so that two haunted come out of the doors with explosives on them after dispatching the 1st one. As for the keeper. I dealt with him with a Magnum shot to kill him once and 3 Sniper shots to kill him a second time. I think I killed a third one with a magnum as well.

Chapter 14
Surprisingly this level is pretty simple. One thing you have to be careful of is the invisible haunted. There are 3 that I remember. One is by the first fake Ruvik and the other two are laying down invisible one the rocks in the water where the next fake Ruvik is. For this part I dispatched the fake Ruvik in 1 sniper shot and then his two friends with headshots with the sniper. Disarm the traps and you can get through relatively easy. The next tough area isn't until much later where you get your second circuit piece. Instead of a lot of deformed haunted you have to get by two traumas. I found it easiest to just run by them grab the piece and run to the wheel. Grabbing the piece will spawn two deformed haunted. Once I got to the wheel I shocked and shottyed them. The big guys did not follow. Another deformed haunted will spawn but I just ran past him. Boss is easy. Simply freeze and shoot with the magnum. After that you should no problem with the rest of the level

Chapter 15
Final chapter is one of the easier levels. Only difficult area is the first room when you are transported to Ruvik's eye area and you need to fight off hordes of haunted before a rocket sadist opens the way to the next area. What I found helpful was to beat the first wave to their spawn point up the ladder to the right. Once they all drop down, flash bolt them and dispatch them. I had a fully upgraded flash bolt so I was able to take out all 4. Another group will spawn at the opposite side. Wait up at the top and flash them as well once all 4 are in the area. Dispatch the SWAT guy first as he is your biggest pain in the ass. After that a cut scene will start and a fake Ruvik will spawn with some more haunted. Take out Ruvik immediately. I used 1 shot of the sniper to kill him. Once you kill the rest of the horde you will earn a checkpoint. I hid at the back after killing Ruvik and used Shotgun on them as they tried to climb up.

Three fat guys will spawn at the back. I dispatched them with the Flame harpoon. More will spawn elsewhere. I killed the rest using the shotgun as they climbed up. Once only 2 re left, it will trigger the Sadist who you wil kill quickly using your magnum. It will take 2-3 shots. After that the next room is the same. Four guys, snipe them move on to the opstacle challenge. Its the same as the other difficulties but more traps. Once you know where they are you will get by easily and the boss battle is no more difficult than casual.

Congratulations! You have beaten the game on Akumu. At this point I saw I had died 472 times at a time 20 hours(Rounded up). Of course I spent way more time on this. When I looked on time played on the game itself in steam. I was at 129 hours.
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